Open-Source Services

We believe in the power of open-source technologies to drive innovation, collaboration, and community growth. We have made significant contributions to various open-source projects and maintain several projects of our own.

Our team has developed and maintained open-source mobile libraries using native languages such as Android and Objective-C, as well as hybrid frameworks like React Native and Flutter. These libraries have been widely used by developers worldwide, empowering them to create innovative mobile applications.


As staunch supporters of open-source, we have taken up the responsibility of maintaining and nurturing several open-source projects. One notable project is FFmpegKit, which we have developed and continue to enhance for Android, Flutter, iOS, Linux, macOS, React Native, and tvOS platforms. Our dedication to open-source extends beyond mere usage; we actively contribute to the improvement and evolution of these projects.

By actively participating in the open-source community, we have gained invaluable knowledge, collaborated with talented developers worldwide, and contributed to the advancement of open-source technologies. We firmly believe that by sharing our expertise and code, we can drive innovation, foster collaboration, and create a more vibrant software ecosystem.

As we move forward, our dedication to open-source remains unwavering. We will continue to contribute to existing projects, develop new open-source solutions, and actively engage with the community. By doing so, we aim to make a positive impact, empower fellow developers, and further enhance the capabilities of open-source technologies.

Join us on this exciting journey, where we combine our extensive software engineering experience with a deep commitment to open-source principles, resulting in exceptional solutions for our clients and the broader development community.